Medic Vision offers vendor independent CT radiation management and monitoring solutions that help achieve compliance with all related regulatory requirements and initiatives.

Our SafeCT® platform supports CT scanners of all vendors and models and encompasses several proprietary patented technologies: Iterative Image Reconstruction, 3D image processing, GPU computing, and dose analytics.

SafeCT® Low-Dose CT Scanning. 

A universal 3D iterative image reconstruction system, that enables the use of low-dose CT protocols, by substantially increasing image quality and SNR. 

SafeCT-29 Helps Achieve XR-29 Compliance.

US patented & FDA-cleared 3rd-party XR-29 solution.  The only 3rd-party XR-29 solution recommended by the CT OEMs. 

SafeCT Dose Reporting for Easy Data Retrieval & Analysis 

SafeCT Dose Reporting is a single software platform enabling compliance with the CT dose monitoring and reporting standards as required by The Joint Commission.


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